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John Cooke, long standing member of the Bridlington Folk Club - photo from the archive.

Bridlington Folk Club History - 21st January 2015


‘The Stories from 1962/3 to 2012’




This section of ‘The History’ is ‘The Stories 1962/3 to 2014’, and is collection of dates, venues and names, together with many short anecdotes and details of incidents that have happened over the years. I have divided it into sections covering:


1 From when the Club started,


2 It’s heyday in the 1970’s,


3 The 1980’s, and


4 From 1995 through to today.

In compiling ‘The Stories from 1962/3 to 2014’ I am indebted to many people for trawling their memories and providing me with answers to questions they have long since forgotten!  I’m sure I have annoyed many people in persuading them to sit down and think about incidents, dates, who they remember from the early days, who was on the committee and when, etc. To all those people I am very grateful.

In particular I would like to say ‘thank you’ to Patricia Maillard and her brother Derek Ryan who were the founding members back in the early 1960’s. Whilst it has not, as yet, been possible to find the exact date for the first meeting it has been narrowed down to either 1962 or 1963.


Inevitably memories can become clouded when we think of dates and events up to half a century ago and in some cases there were some contradictions between what two people said. Hopefully I have pieced together what I hope to be the correct version.


Although the Club has not been operating continuously from its origins, it has now been meeting every fortnight from 1995 and is now over 50 years old and in 2013 the Club celebrated this anniversary.

I would be very grateful if you could contact me if you have any more information, or can correct some of the information I have detailed.

1. From when the Club started         2.  It’s heyday in the 1970’s   

3. The 1980’s                               4. From 1995 through to today 

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